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  • Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings for Model HCM (Flexible Gear Couplings with Shrouded Bolts)

    The Model HCM Fluid Coupling is a complete unit with both input and output flanges. It is intended for installation between two halves of a double engagement gear tooth flexible coupling which is customer supplied.

  • Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings for Model HSD (Parallel Shaft Applications)

    Hydro-sheave couplings are mounted to the motor shaft end and provide minimal overhung loads for parallel (belt-driven) shaft applications. The smaller sizes (7-12.4) are installed very quickly and easily utilizing a slotted collet in which no drilling or tapping is required. The slotted collet is finished bored to fit standard NEMA B motor shaft dimensions. The larger sizes (15-24) are installed with a center locating bolt that does require drilling and tapping to ensure proper mounting. The Model HSD Fluid Coupling consists of a basic fluid coupling, input and output group, and a standard customer supplied QD type sheave. The sheave is mount ed on a coupling that has been installed on the end of a driveshaft.