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Roll formed of 1/32" 0material
The equivalent rectangle for all conductors is 1" x 1/4". Supports are required at intervals of: 3' on curves, 3'-4" for lateral mount, 5' standard.

All roll-formed conductors are supplied assembled with connector pins and cover. Joint covers and joint keepers are furnished with each order as required.
Unit of Measure

Electrical Data

Ampacity (continuous duty)

N/A 90 A

Resistance R (for DC) at 20º C

N/A 750 µΩ/ft

Reactance X (60 Hz)

N/A 600 µΩ/ft

Impedance Z (60Hz)

N/A 960 µΩ/ft



N/A Galvanized Steel

Cover Type

N/A High Heat


N/A 2.5 lb0.46 lb/ft


N/A 5 ft

Cross Sectional Area

N/A 0.1477 in²

Expansion Coefficient

N/A 0.000007 ºF

Support Spacing

N/A 5 ft

Normal Ambient

N/A -60 to 400 ºF