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For highly corrosive environments
Unit of Measure


Amperage Rating

N/A 500 A



Maximum Temperature

N/A 160 ºF

Cover Type

N/A Phase & Ground / Outdoors UV Stable (Black)


N/A 0.81 lb/ft


N/A 5 to 29 ft

Cross Sectional Area

N/A 0.45 in²

Maximum System Voltage AC or DC (Per UL Listing)

N/A 600 V

Resistance R (for DC) at 20º C

N/A 3.27 x 10-5 c/ft

Phase Corrected Impedance Z at 20º C

N/A 5.40 x 10-5 c/ft

Support Spacing

N/A 5 ft

Spacing between Conductors

N/A 3.0 in

Minimum Bending Radius

N/A 8 ft

Available Accessories

N/A Pick-up Guides for discontinuous systems Thermostatically controlled heater wire system, for ice and snow environments Transfer Caps for switches Vertical and horizontal curves

Cover Specifications

Normal Ambient

N/A -40 to 104 ºF

Dielectric Strength

N/A 450 V/mil

Volume Resistivity

N/A >1012 Ω/mil

Flame Test

N/A Self Extinguishing

Specific Density

N/A 1.5 g/cm³