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One required per system. Complete with Anti-Lift Rollers positioned as Lead Trolley in system is equipped with cut out box for engagement of tow bar from mobile consumer.
Length = 8.00"
Unit of Measure


N/A 225 fpm


N/A 150 lb


N/A 9.0 lb

Body Type

N/A Low carbon Steel

Cable Window Width

N/A 2.38 in

Cable Window Height

N/A 1.00 in

Saddle Type

N/A Low Carbon Steel


N/A Zinc Plated

Anti- Lift Rollers

N/A Hardened Steel Diameter 1.19 in

Main Rollers

N/A Hardened Steel Diameter 1.68 in


N/A Zinc Plated with yellow Dichromate Seal

Saddle Diameter

N/A 3.4 in