Products Catalog
  • Disc-Style-Clutches-and-Brakes

    Disc clutches and brakes utilize a piston to move internal discs axially. They're are available for either pneumatic or hydraulic actuation. Spring set configurations are used for applications where failsafe operation is required.

  • Drum-Style-Clutches-and-Brakes

    Drum clutches and brakes transfer torque by clamping on the outside diameter of a drum. This provides maximum torque per brake radius. Eaton Airflex drum brakes feature an expanding air bladder which clamps onto the full drum circumference.

  • Caliper Brake-Pic.jpg

    Caliper disc brakes are a modular system, with torque dependent on the caliper's clamping force, number of calipers, and the brake disc diameter. Thrusters are available for any type of actuation you desire - pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, manual, and failsafe spring-applied.

  • Tension-Brakes

    Tension brakes are used in constant tension applications. They can dissipate a large amount of heat through air or water cooling.

  • Power-Take-Off

    Power Take Off (PTO) clutches are designed to mate directly to the flywheel of your diesel or gasoline engine. Clutches can be engaged via air, hydraulics, electricity, or manually. Designs are available for both in-line and side load applications.

  • Electric-Clutches-and-Brakes

    Electric clutches and brakes come in many different forms, but all utilize electricity for actuation. Various options such as failsafe spring application, manual lever releases, housing protection classes, and mounting arrangements can be specified.

  • Clutch-and-Brake-Accessories

    The Rowland Company offers a variety of clutch and brake accessories to ensure your application operates as desired. Whether they be rotorseals to supply air and other fluids, quick release valves to rapidly exhaust air, or a variety of bushings and shaft locking devices, we have you covered.