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Drum Clutches and Brakes

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Type EBN Drum Brakes

EBN Brakes

Pintsch Bubenzer EBN series drum thruster brakes operate according to the DIN 15435 standard. Bushings are self-lubricating and do not require greasing. A range of thrusters are available to suit your application.
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VC Clutches and Brakes

The Eaton Airflex VC element assembly is an air-actuated constricting drum unit. The VC's ventilated design allows rapid heat dissipation. The torque is carried by torque bars, and leaf springs retract the friction shoes when air pressure is released. Because of this construction, all components are available as replacement parts when refurbishing the unit.
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CB Clutches and Brakes

The Eaton Airflex CB element assembly is air-actuated, with a neoprene rubber air tube providing the clamping force. Friction shoes mounted on the tube’s inside diameter engage around a cylindrical drum. In this design, the rubber air tube is bonded to the outer steel rim.