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WCS elements are disc type, externally cooled, spring applied units. They are designed to absorb and dissipate the thermal loads associated with the most severe braking and tensioning applications. The WCS friction couple was developed specifically for continuous slip service and has a dynamic coefficient of friction which is larger than its static coefficient of friction. Special high coefficient linings are also available which provide 50% higher torque than standard friction linings and provide a 1:1 dynamic to static torque ratio.
Unit of Measure



N/A 236WCS

Dimension D24

N/A 1.52 in39 mm

Dimension D25

N/A 2.58 in65 mm

Dimension D29

N/A 0.280 in7.1 mm

Dimension D46

N/A 2.38 in60 mm

Dimension D43

N/A 4.88 in124 mm
Dimension G1 N/A 44.498 in1130.2 mm

Dimension H10

N/A 16.50 in419 mm

Dimension H13

N/A 18.375 in466.7 mm

Dimension J1

N/A 16.50 in419 mm

Dimension J2

N/A 45.01 in1143 mm
Inlet Port Thread Size O22 N/A 3/4-14

Inlet Bolt Circle Diameter

N/A 28.00 in711 mm
Minimum Bore Range3 N/A 7.62 in194 mm
Maximum Bore Range4 N/A 10.75 in273 mm

Dimension D1

N/A 9.000 in229 mm

Dimension D

N/A 20.39 in518 mm

Dimension D2

N/A 19.14 in486 mm
Number of Coolant Ports (O)5 N/A 6

Coolant Port Thread Size

N/A 1 1/4 SAE ORB

Gear Part Number

N/A 416069

Torque Rating

N/A 532000 lb·in60063 Nm

Release Pressure

N/A 80 psi5.5 bar
Thermal Rating6 N/A 1300 hp969.4 kW
Water Flow Rate7 N/A 130 gpm492.1 dm³/min

Housing (Inertia)

N/A 6323 lb·ft²266.45 kg·m²

Disc & Gear (Weight)

N/A 27

Disc & Gear (Inertia)

N/A 3.37 7.6 80 193
Maximum Slip Speed8 N/A 475 rpm
Maximum Freewheeling Speed9 N/A 700

Housing (Weight)

N/A 3300 lb1497 kg

Water Volume

N/A 1135 18.65


N/A Eaton-Airflex


N/A Spring Applied, Air Release

General Description

N/A Element construction and operation is illustrated in the figure. Pressurizing the unit compresses the brake springs and withdraws the water jackets from the brake discs. Heat generated at the friction interfaces is quickly transferred to the circulating coolant.

Element sizes are indicated by the number of friction discs and the disc diameter in inches. For instance, size 224WCS has two friction discs 24 inches in diameter.


N/A Unique friction couple.
A specially formulated friction material, interfacing with a copper alloy surface, eliminates the stick-slip characteristic associated with ordinary frictional devices.

Rapid heat dissipation.
The copper interface conducts heat rapidly to the circulating coolant.

Open or closed loop coolant systems.
The element works equally well with open or closed loop circulating systems. On mobile equipment, the engine's cooling system can be tapped to provide coolant to the element.

Optional corrosion protection
For marine environment applications, protective coatings are available to minimize corrosion.

Where Used


  • Logging Equipment
  • Marine Mooring Systems
  • Drilling rigs

  • 1 Tolerance Sizes 8WCS thru 24 WCS +0.000/0.003 (+0.00/-0.08) 36WCS +0.000/-0.005 (+0.00/-0.13)
  • 2 American National Pipe Thread.
  • 3 Maximum bore sizes are based on flat keys, allow able gear hub stresses and torque ratings with a full complement of springs.
  • 4 Maximum bore sizes are based on flat keys, allow able gear hub stresses and torque ratings with a full complement of springs.
  • 5 American National Pipe Thread.
  • 6 Based upon a 70 ºF (21 ºC) fresh water inlet temperature and a 50 ºF (28 ºC) temperature rise between inlet and outlet. See cooling requirements.
  • 7 To insure proper cooling, inlet port must be located at the six o'clock position. Maximum allowable inlet pressure is 45 psi (3.1 bar).
  • 8 Based upon a continuous slip velocity of 4500 fpm (22.9 mps).
  • 9 Maximum freewheeling velocity is 7500 fpm (38.1 mps)