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Roll formed of 1/32" material
The equivalent rectangle for all conductors is 1" x 1/4". Supports are required at intervals of: 3' on curves, 3'-4" for lateral mount, 5' standard.

The solid copper conductors are supplied in 20' lengths, covered, with connector clamp and case. Conductor bar and covers may be ordered separately for replacement purposes.
Unit of Measure

Electrical Data

Ampacity (continuous duty)

N/A 500 A

Resistance R (for DC) at 20º C

N/A 40 µΩ/ft

Reactance X (60 Hz)

N/A 60 µΩ/ft

Impedance Z (60Hz)

N/A 70 µΩ/ft



N/A Solid Copper

Cover Type

N/A High Heat


N/A 24.6 lb0.16 lb/ft


N/A 20 ft

Cross Sectional Area

N/A 0.1477 in²

Expansion Coefficient

N/A 0.000009 ºF

Support Spacing

N/A 5 ft

Normal Ambient

N/A -60 to 400 ºF