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Eaton Airflex has introduced a revolutionary new design in disc brake technology called the Floating Housing Brake (FHB). The spring applied (power off), air-cooled disc brake is well suited for applications in Surface Mining, Oilfield and other heavy-duty industrial machinery designs.

The FHB is an air cooled spring applied brake with exceptional friction life and rapid friction replacement capability. It is supplied with long wearing, organic friction material and a rugged solid cast, rotating disc that provides lower inertia than typical caliper brakes.

Technical Introduction

The FHB brake is offered for applications with non-cyclic brake engagement that require higher speed operation or precise balance of the rotating components is required. It uses a solid rotor and stationary friction material to develop equal torque in either direction of rotation. The disc is mounted on the shaft which is to be stopped while the brake assembly is attached to the machine frame. Pressurizing the brake compresses the brake springs and withdraws the clamping force from the brake disc so the shaft can rotate freely. As air pressure is exhausted, the springs force the pressure plate towards the mounting flange and the spring housing which in turn forces the floating plate away from the mounting flange, clamping the disc and the friction pad assembly.
Unit of Measure

Typical Applications

N/A Draglines

  • Hoist
  • Drag
  • Swing
  • Propel (Walk)
Electric Shovels
  • Hoist
  • Crowd
  • Swing
  • Propel


N/A Rated for over 430,000 lb-in of torque
Patented braking concept uses a floating housing instead of a floating rotor
Multiple brake installation designs exist for industry leading motors
Fixed hub and rotor design



  • Ability to quickly change the friction pads reduces down time on dragline from 3 hours to 1 hour
  • Reduced maintenance cost with elimination of spline tooth or gear wear
  • Longer friction pad wear life due to a full 360º annular disc
  • Faster and safer installation with exclusive shaft lock assembly for ease of mounting and removal
  • Virtually no wear during free wheeling, allows high product life


Number of Spring Sets

N/A 36

Dynamic Torque

N/A 432900 lb·in48918 Nm

Maximum Speed

N/A 950 rpm

Length Engaged

N/A 18.24 in463.3 mm

Length Released

N/A 18.48 in469.39 mm


N/A Eaton-Airflex


N/A Spring Applied, Air Release


N/A Dynamic torque calculated based on 36 sets of springs, static torque is approximately 15% more. Torque in each application is dependent on number of spring sets.