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  • Spring applied safety brake
  • Protection-class IP67
  • Double wear reserve by single air gap adjustment
  • High work capacity
  • High wear resistance because of high abrasion resistance
  • Functional without cover
  • Screws for manual lifting
Unit of Measure


Dynamic Torque Rating

N/A 1050 Nm1300 Nm1600 Nm


N/A 0.1280 kg·m²


N/A 242 kg

Maximum Speed

N/A 3200 min-1

Nominal Voltage (DC) (20 ºC)

N/A 110 V

Nominal Power (20 ºC)

N/A 435 W

Nominal Current (20 ºC)

N/A 3.95 A

Minimum Airgap, Brake Off

N/A 0.4 mm

Maximum Airgap, Brake Off

N/A 2.3 mm

Rough Bore Diameter

N/A 46 mm

Standard Bore Diameters

N/A 65 mm70 mm75 mm80 mm

Diameter B-Side (d H7 Maximal)

N/A 110 mm

Length E

N/A 540 mm

Length f

N/A 128 mm

Length h

N/A 394 mm

Length l

N/A 191 mm

Length l1

N/A 171 mm

Length m

N/A 211 mm

Length s

N/A 15 mm

Angle α

N/A 30 º

Suitable Standards Intermediate Flanges

N/A A550-1 A660 A800


N/A Pintsch Bubenzer


N/A Spring Applied, Electric Release


N/A Keyways for keys acc. to DIN6885 BI.1, width accuracy P9. Protection IP67
Alterations reserved without notice