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  • Single Passage Rotorseals

    The Airflex rotorseal is a rotary union (rotary joint) which permits the transfer of gases or liquids, under pressure or vacuum, into or out of the exposed end of a rotating shaft or body. It was designed primarily for the passage of compressed air or hydraulic fluid to control clutches or brakes. Other applications include the transmittal of cutting fluid to machine tools, lubrication of shaft-mounted components and circulation of oil for cooling systems.

  • Single Passage Internal Rotorseals

    Internal Rotorseals
    Applications may arise where axial length is critical and space not available for an overhung rotorseal. If the shaft is of sufficient diameter, it may be possible to insert the rotorseal into the shaft end as shown in the figure at the right. The internal design and components are the same as those used in the single passage rotorseals.

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    Dual passage rotorseals allow the transfer of media through two separate shaft passages located on the same shaft end. Each passage can be used for a different medium; for instance, air for clutch actuation and oil for bearing lubrication. Inlet and outlet ports have American National Pipe Threads.

  • Triple Passage Rotorseals

    Type BTA
    The BTA rotorseal was designed for simultaneous transfer of as many as three different fluids. A mounting flange simplifies installation to the shaft end. Three 1/2-14 American National Pipe Thread inlet ports on the side of the stationary rotorseal body provide access to the concentric fluid passages. All three passages can discharge directly into the rotating shaft. However, a 1/2-14 port in the mounting flange can be used as an optional outlet for the outermost passage.