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Form CB-401
Unit of Measure



N/A 4CB200
Torque Rating (75 psi/5.5 bar)1 N/A 1000 lb·in113 Nm
Maximum Speed2 N/A 2000 rpm

Centrifugal Loss Constant Cs

N/A 0.12 E-06 bar/rpm2 1.7 E-06 psi/rpm2


N/A 0.2 lb·ft²0.01 kg·m²


N/A 2.5 lb1.1 kg

Friction Area

N/A 23 in²148.4 cm²

New Friction Lining Thickness

N/A 0.12 in3 mm

Worn Friction Lining Thickness

N/A 0.03 in1 mm
Air Tube Cavity3 N/A 10 in³0.17 dm³

Minimum Drum Diameter

N/A 3.90 in99 mm

Dimension D2

N/A 2.63 in67 mm

Dimension D24

N/A 1.38 in35 mm

Dimension D25

N/A 0.09 in2 mm
Dimension G4 N/A 7.248 in184.1 mm

Dimension G1

N/A 5.81 in148 mm

Dimension H2

N/A 6.688 in169.9 mm

Dimension H6

N/A 4.13 in105 mm

Dimension H7

N/A 6.69 in170 mm

Number of Mounting Holes

N/A 8

Bolt Hole Size L

N/A 0.25 in6 mm

Dimension O3

N/A 0.19 in5 mm

Air Inlet Thread

N/A 1/8-27

Angle Q

N/A 22.500 º

Dimension V

N/A 0.38 in10 mm

Number of Friction Shoes

N/A 6

Friction Shoe Width (W)

N/A 2.00 in51 mm


N/A Refers to basic part number only. When ordering, the number of air inlets and type of connection must be specified.

  • 1 Dynamic torque shown, static torque approximately 25% greater. Torque in each application is dependent upon air pressure and speed.
  • 2 Maximum rpm is dependent upon operating conditions and varies for each application. Consult factory for applications exceeding these speeds.
  • 3 Drum contact with worn shoes.
  • 4 Tolerance for sizes:
    3 thru 5
    +0.000/-0.003 in (+0.00/-0.08 mm)
    6 and larger
    +0.000/-0.005 in (+0.00/-0.13 mm)