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Model DBB brakes are spring applied, pressure released, disc style brakes. They develop equal torque in either direction of rotation. Their torque and thermal capacities allow them to be used in the most demanding applications.

Brake construction and operation is shown in the figure. Pressurizing the brake compresses the brake springs and withdraws the clamping plates from the brake discs. Standard brakes are furnished with either one or two discs, which are free to move axially.

Model DBB uses a conventional piston design to release the brake discs.

The rotating component of the DBB style brake is a very low inertia friction disc core with riveted on friction discs. The low inertia of the rotating components coupled with the high heat sink capacity of the stationary members allow these units to provide superior performance in high cyclic applications. In applications requiring higher speed operation or where precise balance of the rotating components is required, the DBBS style is offered, which utilizes a solid rotor and stationary friction material. Similar to the DBAS design, the DBBS should only be used for applications where brake engagement is non-cyclic.

Torque ratings listed are for brakes with a standard compliment of springs. The quantity of springs can be varied to customize the torque of the brake to suit a particular application. Consult the factory for brake torque of units with non-standard spring configurations.

Brake sizes are indicated by the number of brake discs and the disc diameter in inches. For instance, size 225DBB has two discs 25 inches in diameter.
Unit of Measure


N/A Low inertia friction disc assembly.
Reduces the overall inertia that must be stopped.

Optional split friction discs.
Allows removal of friction discs without disturbing other components of drive system in mid-shaft brake arrangement.

Long wearing, self lubricating PolyPak seals.
Eliminates premature twisting failure and requires no external lubrication.

Where Used


  • Bottling equipment
  • Power Shovels
  • Conveyors
  • Shears
  • Power Presses



N/A 320DBB

Dimension D

N/A 15.21 in386 mm

Dimension D1

N/A 8.25 in210 mm

Dimension W4

N/A 13.68 in347 mm

Dimension D31

N/A 1.50 in38 mm

Dimension D44

N/A 0.38 in10 mm

Dimension D45

N/A 1.00 in25 mm

Dimension H16

N/A 8.50 in216 mm
Dimension J1 N/A 23.250 in590.6 mm

Dimension J1

N/A 18.250 in463.5 mm

Dimension J2

N/A 23.82 in605 mm

Dimension O2

N/A 1/2-14 NPT

Minimum Bore

N/A 4.25 in108 mm

Maximum Bore

N/A 5.88 in149 mm

Dynamic Torque Rating

N/A 149500 lb·in16879 Nm

Disc & Gear (Inertia)

N/A 49 lb·ft²2.06 kg·m²

Disc & Gear (Weight)

N/A 213 lb97 kg

Housing (Weight)

N/A 590 lb277 kg
Minimum Releasing Pressure2 N/A 60 psi4.1 bar

Maximum Speed

N/A 1850 rpm


N/A Eaton-Airflex


N/A Spring Applied, Air Release


N/A Tolerance +/- 0.12
Basic part number only. Does not include gear. Gear must be ordered separately with the bore and keyway requirements.
All DBB brakes can be supplied plumbed as shown with a flow control valve having American National Pipe thread ports of 1/2-14 for size 9DBB, 3/4-14 for sizes 15DBB, 20 DBB, 25DBB and 1-11 1/2 for size 38DBB

  • 1 Tolerance +0.000/-0.005 in (+0.00/-0.08 mm)
  • 2 Maximum allowable cylinder pressure is 120 psi (8.3 bar).