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  • Copper disc design for high heat dissipation
  • Accurate control
The Wichita Kopper Kool airtube disc Clutches and Brakes are liquid cooled and consist of a series of alternating discs connecting an inner drive member to an outer drive member.

Engagement is achieved by pneumatic expansion of the airtube. This air-operated clutch contains copper discs for excellent heat dissipation and provides an accurately controlled continuous slip action for constant web tensioning. Tension levels are in direct proportion to air pressure applied.
Unit of Measure

Design Features


  • New friction material lasts longer with less wear on mating copper.
  • Copper alloy wear plates increase heat transfer.
  • Hub spline provides perfect alignment of rotating discs.
  • External air & water connections.
  • Release springs ensure complete disengagement.
  • High strength reinforced neoprene air-tube offers long service life.
  • Optional long stroke air tube available on 18" or 24" size units to increase life and standard maintenance intervals.
  • High thermal capacity.


Assembly Number

N/A 7-325-110-100-0
Dynamic Torque Rating (80 psi/5.5 bar)1 N/A 100800 11185 Nm
Dynamic Torque Rating (100 psi/7 bar)2 N/A 126000 14236 Nm

Heat Capacity for Series Water Hosing

N/A 190 hp142 kW

Heat Capacity for Parallel Water Hosing

N/A 285 hp213 kW

Maximum Bore Size

N/A 7.63 in194 mm

Parallel Water Flow 0 % Ethylene Glycol

N/A 29 gpm106 lpm

Parallel Water Flow 30 % Ethylene Glycol

N/A 38 gpm144 lpm

Parallel Water Flow 50 % Ethylene Glycol

N/A 45 gpm170 lpm

Total Brake (Weight)

N/A 935 lb424 kg

Disc & Gear (Weight)

N/A 240 lb109 kg

Disc & Gear (Inertia)

N/A 110 lb·ft²4.64 kg·m²

Pressure Drop Series Flow with 0 % Ethylene Glycol

N/A 7 psi0.48 bar

Pressure Drop Series Flow with 30 % Ethylene Glycol

N/A 11 psi0.76 bar

Pressure Drop Series Flow with 50 % Ethylene Glycol

N/A 14 psi0.97 bar

Maximum Lining Wear

N/A 0.8 in2.0 cm200 in³3.3 dm³

Water Volume

N/A 110 in³1.8 dm³

Pilot Diameter A

N/A 29.997/30.000 in761.9/762.0 mm

Bolt Hole Circle Diameter B

N/A 28.750 in730.250 mm

Pilot Diameter C

N/A 24.378/24.375 in619.13/619.20 mm

Dimension D

N/A 31.00 in787.4 mm

Dimension F

N/A 5.00 in127 mm

Dimension G

N/A 1.38 in35.1 mm

Dimension H

N/A 9.79 in248.7 mm

Dimension J

N/A 0.25 in6.4 mm

Number of Bolt Holes

N/A 10

Bolt Hole Size L

N/A 21/32 in16.7 mm

Dimension M

N/A 12.69 in322.3 mm

Dimension N

N/A 11.50 in292.1 mm

Dimension Q

N/A 0.94 in23.9 mm

Number of Inlet Ports - Thread Size

N/A 3- 1/2 NPT

Dimension T

N/A 15.12 in384.0 mm

Minimum U

N/A 2.00 in50.8 mm

Maximum U

N/A 7.63 in193.8 mm
Number of Coolant Inlets - Thread Size3 N/A 2 - 1 NPT


N/A Wichita Clutch


N/A Air Applied


N/A Maximum water jacket inlet pressure is 60 PSI. Brakes with as great as 50 % higher torque capacity is available upon request.

For mounting, use socket head capscrews conforming to the ASTM-574-97a.

  • 1 Static torque will vary with temperature. Maximum air pressure is 100 PSI / 7 BAR. Minimum recommended air pressure is 3 PSI.
  • 2 Static torque will vary with temperature. Maximum air pressure is 100 PSI / 7 BAR. Minimum recommended air pressure is 3 PSI.
  • 3 Number of inlets and outlets are equivalent.
    (Consult factory for drawing before final layout.)