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225DP100 Caliper Disc Brakes

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Caliper disc brakes are ideally suited for most large torque, high energy stopping applications. By proper choice of actuating pressure, number of calipers per disc, number of discs and disc diameter a braking system can be custom designed for most applications.

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142862 Caliper 17 lb N/A 7.7 kg N/A Eaton-Airflex Hydraulic Applied
407936 Disc for standard hub 24 lb 5.6 lb·ft² 10.9 kg 0.23 kg·m² Eaton-Airflex Hydraulic Applied
410851 Disc for QD hub 25 lb 5.7 lb·ft² 11.3 kg 0.24 kg·m² Eaton-Airflex Hydraulic Applied
404351 Standard Hub 13 lb 0.3 lb·ft² 5.9 kg 0.01 kg·m² Eaton-Airflex Hydraulic Applied
304582 QD Hub 12 lb 0.2 lb·ft² 5.4 kg 0.01 kg·m² Eaton-Airflex Hydraulic Applied
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