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Section B
Forms 204, 205, 206, & 208
The type CB element assembly is designed and built to provide dependable clutch or brake service in the most exacting industrial applications. It is suited to high speed, cyclic operations, as well as for coupling and general power transmission.
Unit of Measure



N/A 12CB350

Dimension D

N/A 13.41 in341 mm

Dimension D1

N/A 3.44 in4.31 in

Dimension D37

N/A 3.3 in84 mm

Dimension D47

N/A 2.88 in4.38 in

Dimension M

N/A 1.38 in2.25 in

Dimension D38

N/A 3.9 in86 mm

Dimension X

N/A 5.50 in140 mm

Spider Shaft Diameter

N/A 1.750 thru 2.500

Hub Shaft Diameter

N/A 2.563 thru 3.125

Dimension D3

N/A 0.28 in0.38 in

Bolt Hole Size L

N/A 0.531 in13.5 mm


N/A Eaton-Airflex


N/A Air Applied